Are you trying to figure out what is the difference between the standard and pineapple ukulele? You are in the right place.

Here you can find a quick explanation to see what makes the pineapple uke different:

A thing to note about the pineapple uke is that it’s louder than the standard model even if it has the same size and brand. The product was patented in 1928 by Sam Kamaka and he wanted to create a more interesting tone. As a result, the pineapple uke has a resonant and mellow sound. It’s a very successful product, one that brings in front years of amazing experiences and a solid tone.

Aside from the sound difference, the pineapple ukulele is actually coming with a larger body. That’s easy to notice if you compare it with the regular soprano model. The reason is simple, it offers a lot more surface for vibration especially if you compare it to the normal uke.

On top of that, the pineapple model requires less wood for its creation, which makes the product a lot lighter and easier to carry around. Yes, this also brings the difference in sound. At first, this was mostly a tourist item. Not that many people took it seriously, but at this point it’s a lot cooler to have this.

Check out these pineapple ukuleles:

An important thing to note is that the pineapple ukulele has a very warm tone and it’s a delight to play. The sound is very appealing and really good, not to mention that you can take it around for any trip. With the pineapple ukulele you feel like entering a solid family trip. It can be a delight to use and the pineapple ukulele even has laser tattooing on the face to deliver character.

The pineapple ukulele is a delight to use for both the regular players or beginners. Since it’s light, you can easily practice at any time and the ROI you get here is very good too. They did a good job at offering a distinct and unique product that does wonders, something you will like quite a bit.

Overall, the pineapple ukulele delivers a very rich quality and the tone that it delivers is second to none. Remember, while the tone is slightly different, you still get an authentic Hawaiian music.

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