Have you ever heard of a commercial claim? If you have, then you probably have heard of a commercial claims handler. A Commercial claim is known as the legal action taken when running a business that involves the selling of goods or services to regain its initial funds.

The main task of an insurance claim handler is managing a claim to its settlement. This involves making a decision concerning the application as well as validating and running background checks on the request in case of any fraud like activity.

But what is the role of a commercial claims handler?

Commercial claim handlers are required to follow up on accidents or any occurrence that affects an individual or company directly. A good example is when a bridge collapses, the party responsible for this action will have to compensate the owners.

Claim handlers as often assigned an expert from other fields of expertise. For instance, lawyers and loss adjusters. All are working to investigate the loss and coming up with legal findings on how the party responsible for the tragedy will compensate the owners.


There are many responsibilities that commercial handlers have to fulfill. Some include :

Processing new insurance claims notifications
Looking reasons why full payment has not been made
Investigating potential fraud claims from companies
Ensuring there is a fair settlement of a valid claim
Providing a clear guide to the policyholders on how to proceed with the claim
Taking full charge of complaints which are associated with a claim

Common commercial claims


Business owners always underestimate the possible occurrence of a fire. Forgetting how much it cost to start up a business after fire wipes everything out. Fire is a destructive agent that can render you penny less within a short period.

Weather Damage
When it comes to natural calamity, anything can destroy your business, whether its wind, snow, or even hail. It can shut down your business. Based on recent data presentation, it was evident that natural calamities close over 25% of companies and never reopen due to lack of insurance provided to cover the loss.

Customer injury

At times businesses are exposed to tragedies when a customer ends up injured due to sleeper floors and so on. If you are having a massive number of visitors coming by daily.Then you need this insurance to keep your business for a lawsuit.

You never know when your business will have attached. About 20% of companies are at risk of burglary, or petty criminals. It is always safe to ensure your business against such kind of incidences.
There are many commercial claims out there.This are just a few of the common complaints from most business owners.

The Claiming process

This process of usually straight forward, all you have to do is contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. Provide them with the details on the damage caused.
An investigation will be carried out by the insurer concerning your claims you have made to ensure that they are all legit before any step is made.

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