The Best Wedding Venues In Auckland

wedding venues aucklandThe most important part of planning for a wedding is the venue. Whether the venue is for holding the ceremony and the reception or just the reception, following a church wedding it must meet every requirement. For couples living in Auckland wanting to exchange wedding vows there are a number of excellent venues available, the best of which will be covered in this short article. Continue reading

The Benefits Of Fish Oil

fish oilFish oil contains Omega3 fatty acids which has been shown for years to be beneficial to our health in particular our circulation systems, our heart, and our brain. Fish don’t actually produce the substance themselves, but they accumulate it from what they eat, such as microalgae or other fish that have accumulated Omega3 fatty acids. Continue reading

Discover How To Find Cheap International Flights

holidays-nzWe all love to go on a holiday, whether it is to somewhere that the climate is hot and sunny, or to a winter sports venue. With life moving at a million miles an hour these days, taking a break can really relieve the stress. In fact research has shown that people who take more vacations, have lower overall levels of stress. The problem these days though is that with airport fees, taxes and air fuel prices rising, finding cheap flights can be a nightmare. This article will show you one of the techniques on how to find cheap international flights. Continue reading

Point of Sale Software

Point Four Touch Point of Sale Till

Point Four Touch Point of Sale Till (Photo credit: Cyberslayer)


I’ve recently been helping a friend who is starting a new retail store. He’s not especially technical so he’s been asking my advice on various technology decisions including his choice of point of sake software. Now I’m no expert in POS, but it has been an interesting excercise to consider the following… Continue reading

What Are The Benefits Of Milk Thistle

milk-thistle-smMilk thistle is an herb which is part of the sunflower family whose seeds are harvested and used for medicinal purposes. The plant is also related to the daisy and ragweed.  It is native to some Mediterranean countries, but grows in many other countries.  The active ingredient in the milk thistle is seeds is silymarin which is what contains the therapeutic benefits.

One of the main benefits of milk thistle is its abundance of antioxidants which are one of nature’s most powerful warriors against aging and disease.  Antioxidants help the body fight off free radicals.  Free radicals cause cell damage which are one of the primary causes of premature aging and disease. Continue reading

The Difference Between Cable And DSL Internet

dsl-internetToday, having a fast internet connection at home is the norm for most of us. There are several types of high-speed internet access, the most popular being DSL and cable. Although they provide similar speed, the methods for delivering high-speed data are completely different, as we are going to see from this article.

Cable TV systems have been around since many years now. As technology advanced from analog to digital transmission, cable companies were able to expand their range of services with voice over IP telephony and high-speed internet access. You may have noticed some cable TV providers offering “triple play” services which include TV, phone and internet in one single package. Continue reading

I so love Auckland

Auckland waterfront at night

Auckland waterfront at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Zealand is a popular vacation destination for many modern travelers. Your vacation will be even more special as you stay at one of the luxury hotels there. Auckland Central is the location of some of the most prestigious hotels available in New Zealand, and many of them offer attractive travel packages.

The Pullman Hotel of Auckland offers the ultimate experience in timeless elegance. In spite of the fact that this five-star hotel is located in the heart of a vibrant city, it provides an oasis of tranquility and rest for a weary traveler. Although the Pullman has a long history in Auckland, it also offers the most modern amenities to guests. Continue reading

Quick and simple recipes

There are millions of recipes in the world, and for each recipe there is always at least one, if not more, variations to it.  Recipes range from the very easy to the very difficult.  The added bonus to easy recipes is that they are very good recipes to help teach novice cooks.  Cooking is very hands on, and as such, the best training is hands on practice. Continue reading